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“I saw your movie on PBS this week and it was just wonderful.  I have two adopted kids, one with processing disorders. You captured exactly what it feels like as parents and child navigate the world of services, treatments, schools and the medical profession. It will be a privilege to purchase your DVD and tell other special needs families about the movie.”

John, Illinois


“I just finished watching your documentary.  It was incredible!!!   I just wanted to say, "thanks" for showing a reflection of the life so many of us have lived over the past decade.  For too long, families like ours have been forced to spend all of our time, money, energy and sanity trying to get our children what they need.  Thank you Erik for giving a face and a voice to so many of us who have been fighting this battle alone----emotionally and financially bankrupt in our attempts to save our children.

Sincerely, Tracy


“Last night we watched Graham's story on our local PBS station. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and creating awareness... We started our journey in 2007, and I wish that back then there were a movie like yours to helps us understand what was going on with our son, who was 3 years old at the time. Honestly, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your son's story. It will help change and save many more lives.”

Rebecca, TX


My wife and I were just flipping channels and accidentally happened upon your film on PBS.  We were quite choked up as we finally felt like we saw another child, and another set of parents who were having the same experiences as us and our oldest son Jackson, now 5 years old.  The film not only motivated us to do more, but validated some of what we've done to help Jackson, and also helped us realize we were not alone in our struggles and challenges.  It really is amazing in that we've gone years and never really felt like we saw a child like Jackson, until we saw your documentary.

Aaron and Nichole, MI


 “I have used your film for trainings over the past year and it has been so useful in illustrating the myriad issues in diagnosing and treating early developmental delays. I am so grateful that you made this film! I continue to recommend it to parents and professionals alike.”

Mona Delahooke

Arcadia, CA


“I saw your documentary about your son, and I wanted to tell you that watching it was like being hit by a ton of bricks, because your story is the same as ours…. I am glad you are bringing light to this. …We always have felt we are in  some sort of gray area of autism, Today he is doing great. Listening to you describe "doing great" just so hit home to me. Great to us is something completely different to a parent of a typically developing child. Thanks again, and I wish you and your family the best.”


Anne, PA


“I watched Autistic-like Graham's Story and I will be buying it so I can share it with parents with whom I work. I am an OT and a former special educator who is ABA certified and also DIR trained. Your film was wonderful and I am so eager to share it with my co-workers, families, etc. Thank you so much to you, your wife, and to Graham for sharing your journeys and your stories.

Merle J. Crawford, Hummelstown, PA



“Saw your movie on TV channel 20 (Chicago) and I have two children with DD developmental delay, 3 yr old and 5 yr old. I am really struggling and your movie is my life but instead of one child I have two. Your movie has provided hope, patients (sic) and has shown me different avenues that I can take to improve the development for my kids.  Thank you”


“I watched Graham's story last night on our local PBS station. I am amazed how our boys are so much alike. I had one of those A'HA moments. I can't thank you & your wife enough for doing this movie.”



“I am sitting here in TX right now watching the movie you made about your son, Graham. I am so excited to see a documentary out there that explains to the world what so many therapists, like myself, have been trying to get across to the world for years… I thank you for producing this movie to show other families how to advocate, research and work with their children every day. Watching this documentary is inspiring for me as a therapist, to keep pushing forward and developing my skills so that I can be a great resource to families like yours.”

Take care,

Carla, TX


“I want to thank you for making your movie. I recorded it on a whim this afternoon because the few minutes I watched reminded me of my daughter.  I get a lot of resistance when I express concern that maybe something more needs to be done…. mostly from family. I am really looking forward to exploring the website and all the new resources that I have not seen before. Thank you again for sharing your family's story.”

 Heather , MI


“I watched your documentary last night and wanted to thank you for making public your experience and search for therapies to help your son. My 2.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with autism in February. Like you, we are not sure that Kate's issues are actual "autism" as, although she has many behaviors that seem autistic, when you look at the bigger picture the label just doesn't really fit. As you said in your film it's very scary that so little is really known about how to help children like ours. It's all experimental and many doctors want to put all these kids into the "autism" bucket.  So much so that the diagnosis is kind of losing its meaning...Thanks again for sharing your experience.”

 Rachel, CA.


More mail from around the world...


"Thank you for sharing your story.  Mostly I thank you for the parents you are helping. I have two sons. The oldest was born in 2000...he has sensory issues  and a number of doctors still go back and forth- over six years now- on if they feel he should be on the spectrum or not... I wish this wonderful movie had been around to help me, but am so happy that it is now. Thank you for taking a very personal journey and sharing it to help so many others."   ~Michele



"I just got home from watching your documentary and had to write you an email. Watching this brought back a rush of emotions for me. It was like seeing the past two and a half years of my life again.  Our son Gavin was “autistic-like” and if we had done nothing, it would have progressed to autism. Thank-you for making this movie and giving others hope for their kids future.     ~Jordan



"THANK YOU for making "Autistic-Like"!   I have been a Developmental Therapist for 20 years and have seen the increase in children with autistic-like behaviors over the years. I have been very frustrated when children with obvious sensory issues were getting a label of autism.  Parents are devastated and then confused when I mention the possibility of it being sensory instead of autism.  Let me tell you that the doctors & therapists did not like someone telling parents there was another possible diagnosis. Your film has given me hope that we can advance our ideas about what is happening to our children these days and not get stuck in only considering autism as a diagnosis.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!Nora Roehm, M.Ed. Child Development Specialist



"My wife Jennifer and I just finished watching your movie. Out of a fifty minute movie, I will be honest and say that I was teared-up or all out crying for more then 50% of it. In the easiest way I can say this: Thank you, thank you for being brave, for loving your child and not taking what doctors deemed autistic. Our four-year old son was given a diagnosis of autism at 22months old.  Long story short, my boy who went into his own little world and showed typical autism at 1 year old is now 4 and getting ready to be integratedinto kindergarten. Again, Erik I feel like I know you just by seeing your path and journey  through your child's life, and with that, thank you my friend."


"Thank you so much … I showed AUTISTIC-LIKE to about 45 of my colleagues, including early childhood special educators, social workers, physical, occupational and speech  therapists and several administrators. We also presented the film to the public at a neighborhood movie theater for about 125 people from city and the suburban school systems. There was so much interest and enthusiasm! Everyone thought it was an honest and brave depiction of your family's journey. After the movie, we had a lively discussion about the issues.  Thanks so much for your work…which will help many people!!"
- Margie Paller, Occupational Therapist , Minneapolis Public Schools
Merida, MEXICO
"We were surprised when 385 people showed up to see AUTISTIC-LIKE, as these issues are not well known in Mexico. Parents, grandparents, educators, health professionals and students filled our audience and "Graham's Story" touched everyone. From the neurologist to the very old grandma, people got the idea of what sensory issues are-- and that we need to do more for our kids and support the whole family. The very intimate way of showing us  moved many hearts and minds. Thank you, and please keep us posted on Graham, we all care for him now."
- Maria De Valle, Universidad Anahuac Mayab
"We had 149 people attend our event—including 40 teachers! After the event, people milled around for close to an hour approaching us with questions, requests for support groups, congratulating us on the film, relating personal experiences and asking for more showings of ‘Graham's Story’. We have since had approaches from parenting groups, professional interest groups schools and private individuals who are wanting us to do more screenings or give them the opportunity of having a screening. A huge thank you to …We would be honoured and love to be involved in any future activities, please."
- Leaza Cowan, Polka Spot
Wonderful documentary!!!   I really enjoyed it, and see some real purpose in it locally.  ABA is done here, but hardly anyone has heard of Dr. Greenspan, and SI is only done by one person on a private basis. Graham's progress is inspiring, and it is my hope that other parents and professionals and future professionals at the The College of the Bahamas  will see. The film will be shown to special ed. students and  we'll  host a screening for the general public --parents, parent groups and professionals. We have a Preschool Association made up of owners, operators and staff.I would like to offer to do a showing at their next workshop...We need to get them on board and thinking out of the box, too." 
- Cynthia, Jambay House
Winnipeg, CANADA
"We pulled off our showing of the film last night for about  110 people -- parents, school principals, University students, Early Childhood (Child Care) Directors and Teachers,  civil servants, etc.  The venue at the theatre in the University was perfect. Thanks for making the film and allowing us to use it to have a discussion on the topic. The audience reaction was so heart warming in its approval.  BRAVO!"
- Ron Blatz, Executive Director, Discovery Children’s Centre
"I have watched your film over and over again. You have indeed touched the hearts of many as you shared Graham's story.  Everything's just so real.   I help kids like Graham.  I wish you all the best while you reach out to the rest of the world in your amazing film!"
- Susan Oh, Exercise Specialist, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore
"Sending my gratitude to you and your wife for making such a wonderful and helpful film.  I was able to see it last night at an event at North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Chicago and just purchased a copy so that my husband could benefit from it as well.  I am hoping to use it as a tool to help better educate family and friends on the similar experiences that we (and SO many others) share. Great work and thank you, thank you, thank you!!!""
- Jennifer George Lee, Chicago
Greensboro, N.C., USA
"Our event was a great success. Much support was also provided by the Wake Forest University School of Divinity in Winston-Salem, NC. Those who attended --professionals and parents alike, had positive feedback about the value of the film and the opportunity to learn about resources in our community. People are still talking about the event! Parent after parent thanked me for holding the event. I would love to host another event like this in the future."-Melissa Guthrie-Johnson
New York
"Autistic-Like describes so many of the children we know and care about, and reminds us to not only think outside the box, but to put the box aside altogether.  Every developmental pediatrician, pediatric neurologist,  parent of a child with special needs,  teacher, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and speech therapist should see this film."
- Lindsey Biel, Occupational Therapist, Co-author Raising A Sensory Smart Child
"I recently bought and watched Autistic-Like. I have a 3-year-old son and for the first time I found another family going through the exact same thing…the unknown is very scary, as you both know. I want to thank you more than words can describe for making the movie."
- Toby
"Where do I begin? I have goose bumps right now. It is comforting to find another parent saying... No. My instinct says it does not fit. My son is 3…since he was 2…people have wanted to diagnose him with autism. We have chosen not to get a diagnosis because it could be wrong, the insurance may or may not cover it. I imagine that many others in the Atlanta area would be interested in seeing your movie."
- Donna
"I just watched your movie and I haven't cried this hard in a long time…..Part of me is like okay, stop being sad ...let's get busy. I want you to know how good this movie was for me to see --  reassuring that I'm not crazy, and there is hope, and I just need to keep pushing. Thanks a million to your entire family for opening up your lives to help all of us." 
- Karla
"We too have struggled with every diagnosis and, like you and your wife, my husband and I have turned over every stone, never giving up. We think that too many children are placed on the autism spectrum. We were constantly told to “take the services.” But if you break apart the individual disorders our son (now 6) has and treat those, he may or may not be “autistic.” I just wanted to let you that your movie is right on…"
- Cindy
"I just saw "Graham's Story" with some other professionals in the infant mental health field ....Wow!  That was fantastic.  What was so meaningful and effective was the visual documentation of Graham's progression --in all directions.  I've already recommended it to other colleagues."

- Nick Kasovac, Healthy Families Manager, Southwest Human Development

 "Your story is profoundly beautiful, as is your family. I am a parent (and activist for) of a child with sensory disorder too. We followed our path and started a non-profit organization DIR/Floortime & S.I. clinic -- opening in December in Wilmington, DE. Your story will be invaluable for "new" parents to see and could help our board-members really get it....there are more parents out there…on this mission."
- Kristina Stroh, Director of Operations & Co-founder
"I am a parent of a 5 year old …as with many parent of autistic children (or should I say autistic-like), … I am convinced there is either a better method -- or additional method -- to treat my son. Great job and please let me know when the movie will be made available, as I would like to share with other parents."
- Brendan
"Your story should be seen by all families beginning their therapy journey and I suppose even those who are still in the dance. My hope is to bring this model to Nebraska someday and share its power to those families in need, and there are plenty in need."
- Larry Zier, Creighton University
"I am sitting at my computer crying after watching the film trailer. My son Solomon was diagnosed with SPD in Jan 2008. I can't wait to watch your film with my husband. I have so much hope that it will boost his spirits, since he feels like dads are often portrayed as uncaring and absent. I have also requested that my local library buy a copy, too. nk you so much!"
- Renee
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Finally, a film to “enlighten” the medical community, educators and general public about Sensory Processing Disorder. I am the mother of an eight-year-old boy with SPD. It is real, and it is not autism. Thank you for your incredible film!"
- Kim
"I am parent with a three old who has SPD. I have spent the last year running a support group for other parents and advocating in the schools and insurance to get SPD recognized. Some people think he will just grow out of this. I wish they were right. Your story made me cry... Thanks for doing this. Beautifully written and documented."
- Jill
"My 27-mo-old son was just diagnosed with SPD. They also said that it could be autism. After a weekend of crying, researching, late night Googling, etc., I am looking forward to viewing your DVD. You have given me hope. Thanks again."
- Sharon
United Kingdom
"I have a child who has SI issues and I'm looking for help.  Thanks so much."
- Amy, Desperate mum